The Information Marketing Business Model

Discover the information marketing business model.

Information marketing is a business model which involves promoting and selling ‘infoproducts' such as e-books, reports and video training.

Infoproducts can be instantly accessed after purchase because they are distributed entirely via the internet and can therefore be supplied in unlimited quantities without the need for any physical stock or delivery process.

Infoproducts exist in a variety of online niches based around the interests of people looking for solutions to their problems, ways to improve aspects of their lives or even ways to develop new skills or better pursue their hobbies.

An example of an online niche is ‘health and wellbeing'. A guide on how to quickly develop defined abdominal muscles is an example of the type of infoproduct which would be created for this niche.

Some information marketers create and sell their own products and some promote other information marketers' products on an affiliate basis.

If you're not familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, it simply means  promoting other peoples' products and being rewarded a percentage of the value of each sale you refer.

In the case of infoproducts, affiliate commissions are much higher than they are for physical products.

If you're thinking of promoting infoproducts as an affiliate, Clickbank has a massive selection of products to choose from, across a wide range of niches.

Product creators and publishers can also add their products to the Clickbank marketplace both as a solution for selling and providing secure access to their products to their buyers and for recruiting affiliates to help them to show their products to as many potential customers as possible.